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Welcome to our homepage on the World Wide Web! We're glad you stopped by. You'll find lots of facts about us and our interests here. We've also included links to some of our favorite Web sites. Feel free to browse around, and enjoy your visit! To the right is our Coat-of Arms Designed by Glen changed from the original!
We collect many different things including some items shown on page links below! Pictures on the web site are items for sale. Please e-mail us for price quote and cost of item will INCLUDE Shipping and Insurance.
Karen collects Porcelain Dolls, Barbie, Breyer Horses, Star Wars items, Star Trek Dolls, Babylon Five Dolls, Furby's and many others!  She also PAINTS portraits of your favorite pets!  Click on PAINTS above to view samples and pricing.
Glen Collects Coins, Computer's, Computer Games and related items, Chess Sets and Firearms listed as Curios & Relics.

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